well travelled home

If you’re reading this you’ll more than likely know by now that I’m an avid traveller. Not the planned tour kind of traveller or even the pre booked kind either. No, I’ve grown up with a backpack on my back and a true sense of wonderment wandering aimlessly across the world as the moment takes me.

When back at home in Melbourne I fill my wanderlust with the treasures found on those journeys. We’ve small pieces scattered throughout our home from various trips across the world as a family and prior as solo travellers reminding us of where we’ve been and the wonderful cultural diversity we’ve been fortunate to experience.

There’s a pair of hand-embroidered slippers I wore as a child bought from a hill tribe in Chiang Mai in 1976 that now hang framed on our bedroom wall. The child’s boots bought in Darjeeling when I was there at 15 that sit on the mantle and get shifted around our home. The rug bought recently while driving through Norway that hangs over our lounge. These few treasured items plus all the other carefully wrapped pieces we’ve dragged through airports and bus stations all have a special place in our home. All these pieces make our home uniquely ours and not something available in a department store.

As a Scandinavian friend staying with us recently remarked, “you’re homes have always felt welcoming”. I put it down to our worldly treasures, there’s something for everyone in our truly eclectic worldly home. So go through your cupboards, get out those travel journals, bus tickets, maps and coins and look at ways in which you can incorporate them into your home décor. Who knows they may just inspire another journey!



Here’s a few ways to incorporate travel mementos in your home:

Frame it

Most big box retailers have off the shelf frames – currency, tickets, maps all make great wall art. For larger items I’ve used professional framers and surprisingly they’re not as expensive as you may think.

Hang it

A sarong, sari or even a kimono can be used as wall décor.


Have you thought of using a few lines out of your travel diary on a wall or in a frame? Try it and make your travel journal worth the effort it took to write! Most sign companies can provide you with wall stickers to match your chosen colour, font and design.


Why not incorporate your favourite travel images into décor. There are lots of companies who are printing onto pillows, timber blocks, light boxes or vinyl wall graphics. I’ve been planning on using an image taken in Sienna for curtains in my kitchen, just need the time to organise it now!



my winter home

If you’re in the southern states of Australia like we are, you’ll most likely be feeling the chill of winter outside too. Now, unlike most, winter is one of my favourite times of the year. Yep, I love the fact we spend more time indoors and sit for hours with friends over slow cooked meals and board games.

Winter isn’t about being all outdoorsy, it’s cosy and reflective, it’s pulling out all the cushions and throws and getting comfy on the couch. It’s spending that extra time indoors and slowing the pace that makes me notice all the special and curated things we have around our home. For me winter is the time of year when I move things around, although I’m sure Julian would disagree and say it happens all year round.

Those who know us, know our home isn’t all clean lines and magazine shoots, it’s mid renovation (a big one at that) and while our home doesn’t reflect a single influence, period in time or current trend I like to think it’s a curated accumulation of our combined travels and experiences. Pieces found and passed down, thrift shop finds and hand made treasures. Seeing all these eclectic pieces together brings me joy and happiness and provides a piece of our story for our friends and family to see.

So there that’s what I’ll be doing over the next few months, moving my crazy collection around our half renovated home.

If you need any assistance pulling together your winter home contact us and we can assist you.


Let It Go

The out of tune words from the Frozen soundtrack “Let It Go” is often being belted out by my four-year-old at our house and as much as it drives me crazy at times, it has had to become my mantra.

At Global Emporium we look beyond the mass produced items and endeavour to bring you unique pieces from our travels that are selected for their individual characteristic’s. I realise now that buying for your own business has its down falls. You buy things that you love but have to accept that they are not yours to keep. There are some things that are just simply too hard to let go of. I’m often asked what is my favourite piece from our inaugural collection?  For me that is like asking me who my favourite child is? That’s not an easy question to answer.

The other downfall is deciding what not to bring home! We feel privileged to find so may wonderful treasures on our travels but there is only so much you can bring back in one trip. There is always the risk you have exceeded your baggage allowance or having our carefully selected handcrafted pieces confiscated by customs. Your fate is only decided upon arrival. As the sweat beads build up as I walk towards the customs queue. I’m always surprised I’m not the person singled out like you see on the television show “Border Patrol”. The fear is always heightened as I walk past the checkpoint saying you may be filmed as part of the show. I’m not in fear of being caught for drugs or any other illegal activity. I fear something that we’ve flown thousands of kilometres for, searched through remote villages by foot in scorching heat will be confiscated. There is a great deal of passion and thought that goes into each piece we select, which is why it is hard to “Let It Go”!



Timing is everything

There’s something unmistakably exciting yet also satisfying as I hear the gentle hum of jet engines as we find our final cruising altitude. Fortunately for us, this trip is one of many, so we are both familiar with the sound of a plane engine, but this trip is particularly special, it’s our first buying trip!

It seems like a lifetime ago we started discussing the dream of stepping away from the corporate world and throwing around business ideas. Though looking back on it know I wonder why it took us so long to get started. We are both passionate about travel and all things naturally beautifully, we love raw and natural materials especially for our homes. We were always both on the hunt for beautiful statement pieces with a difference. It’s that euphoria you feel when you finally find the piece that you were or possibly weren’t looking for. The piece that brings together a whole room or fills an empty dull space. It could be from your local Vinnies store or it could be a unique piece from a holiday destination that you know is not massed produced locally. For some people they might get that buzz buying a pair of shoes, or a new dress. However, we both get that from shopping for homewares. So with that in mind our new venture had to include selling décor pieces made from natural materials sourced from our travels and supporting other local businesses.

Now we’ve decided what we were going to sell, then came the when? There never seemed to be a good time. Day to day life just simply gets away from you and before you know it, the dream begins to fades away into a distant memory. Would we wait until we completed our beautiful families? Was it after the youngest started school? The list of excuses/reasons seemed endless As it turned out the right time found us, after a serious health scare and losing a very dear friend at a young age to cancer we had the kick up the bum we needed. We simply needed to stop talking and start living the lives we wanted now!

So as we get closer to our final destination, we can’t wait to hit the tarmac, we know there are many treasures for us to find, stories to tell and experiences to be had. We hope you will join us on this crazy but exciting journey as we endeavour to blog about artisans who make the beautiful hand crafted pieces we discover and the journeys we take to bring those pieces to our range.

Paradise at Home

Everyone loves a holiday, we work hard, we save hard, just to get a few weeks break a year. Let’s face it, I pretty much work just to go on holidays. Each holiday brings about a euphoria that you often can’t emulate at home. If you don’t need to cook, clean or do the washing and your biggest decision all day is selecting what cocktail to drink, why wouldn’t you be happy!

While its way out of my reach to have a cleaner, chef and a maid, I wanted to create a mood at home that makes me feel like I’m on holidays all year round. I wanted to create my own little paradise, somewhere I could relax and be constantly reminded of an amazing holiday.

Of all the places I’ve travelled around the world, Bali is my sanctuary. I love its architecture both old and modern, the beautiful gardens, the amazing people, their culture and the food. I love the shopping; did I mention the shopping! Not for clothes, shoes or a Bintang singlet, I love shopping for homewares. Each time I visit Bali there is a new trend or something uniquely different. Sure there is still plenty of “junk” to be found but each visit I discover something so amazing I just have to bring it home.

So with that in mind and years of talking about a joint venture, I’ve joined forces with Michelle, my business partner, to combine our passion for travel, shopping and interior design by bringing you a selection of hand crafted pieces from both abroad and local artisans. We look forward to introducing some of those artisans and our travel stories in our upcoming blogs.

We hope you love our range, as much as we do, and that you too can create your very own paradise.